The past and the future

Blind Vaysha is a short film, which totally impressed me!!! Vaysha, born with a green and a brown eye and does not see the present, just the past and the future, each with one eye. The director used woodcut to tell us the story and show us what Vaysha sees. At the Q&A, after the screening, the director told, that he only needed 8 months to produce all the woodcuts. Very impressive!!!
Vaysha only sees the past and the future, thats why she is not able to fall in love with any boy or man. Also the audience just see the men as young boys and as very old mens. I totally understand, that Vaysha can not fall in love with any of these!
The movie showed me how important it is for us to live in the present and to see the present! Even if we sometimes want to know what will happen in the future or want to go back to something that happend in the past... It is meant to be like it is. I think we would not enjoy the present, if we knew what will happen in the future.
19.02.16, Mia

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